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Revision Policy

Our Company is always doing its best to provide every customer with quality assistance. That is one of the reasons why we keep on attracting new customers and why lots of our clients are coming back. However, it cannot be avoided that customers may want to have some changes in it. Here is our Revision Policy to guide our customers when revising their papers.

  • Unlimited Revision – We are always doing our best to satisfy our clients. Our company is always maximizing everything in order to deliver the best service. However, there are some instances when customers may have something that is required to be changed. We can address such concern with the Unlimited Revision that we offer. There is no fee in doing so provided that it is availed within the time allowed and of course, with some conditions. The limitations are just very easy to meet though. Again, quality for us is the same as bringing customer satisfaction.
  • Within the Initial Agreement – It is very important to understand that customers may not be able to avail of this service if the initial agreement is not the same as what he/she wants for the revision. This will no longer be treated as revision since we have already fulfilled the initial agreement.

Again, we want everything to be easier for the customers with just minor attention from them. Our company takes care of the writing and we will always do our best in order to meet every specifications and instructions that were given to us. But it is very important to look into the conditions before accepting your order. The time to avail of the free revision is very important. In addition to that, the customers should also review the papers very well before finally approving the order. We are giving them sufficient time in order to go through their papers. Our company would also want the customer to maximize the services that we offer like this unlimited revision.

We have the best writers to do the job and they can easily understand anything that you want to be revised. Provided that it is within the agreement and limitations, we will be more than happy to extend quality service. Some writing services may not offer such assistance. This is just one of those expertise’s which can be availed of by every customer that would entrust their paper to us.