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Money Back Guarantee

Not all companies offer money back guarantees. There can be a lot who would claim that they would but the reality is that they will not. As a customer, it can truly be frustrating to hope that when they are not satisfied with the completed order. We are aware of how a customer may feel. Hence, when we say we offer 100% satisfaction, we mean that. We truly offer money back guarantee. The satisfaction of our clients is always our top priority. Hence, with VipCustomWriting.com, you can rest assured that we will work hard to only deliver excellence. Like any other service, the money back guarantee that we provide has got a policy. These are the main parts of it:

  • Before the approval of the completed order
  • After approving the completed order


Before Approval of the Order

These are the conditions that must be met in order for you to get 100% refund.

  1. When, after placing an order, you contact us to cancel it and the order is not yet assigned to a writer.
  2. For double payment or double order made or other error that may happen while in the process of paying.
  3. When there is no suitable writer to be assigned for your paper.
  4. When we fail to deliver the order on the specified deadline and it is already useless. A full refund will be given but no paper will be delivered.

70% of the refund will be given if:

You suddenly decided to cancel the order that is already assigned to the writer and progress has been made. Also, this applies if ½ of the time is already passed from the deadline.

50 % of the refund will be given if:

  1. No writer is qualified to revise your order.
  2. When you decide to cancel the order, a writer has been assigned and more than ½ of the time from the deadline has passed.


After Approving the Order

When the order is completed, your assigned writer shall upload the copy of it in the order page. You will be given 14 days to read and check it. You need to approve it if you are happy or asked for a revision if necessary. No action made within the 14 day period will automatically approve the order.

An unlimited revision is given to you when you are not happy with the order. But when the order has been approved, it means that you are already satisfied with it. After approving the order, no refund can be requested. You would still be provided with a 7 day period to ask for a revision.

We urge all our customers to first read the paper thoroughly in order to make sure that it is satisfying and the quality matches your instruction.

Please keep in mind that once you receive a full refund, you can no longer use the paper by any means. When such cases happen, we utilize such papers as samples. If you use it and the reader checked it for plagiarism, the result is that you only copied it from our website.