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How am I guaranteed that the paper will meet my expectations?

We have the best writers in our roster. In addition to their great writing ability is their knowledge about the subject matter that they are writing about. These writers have the experience, skills, trainings and expertise to meet your expectations. They may not have qualified in our company if not because of their ability. One of our aims is to meet or even exceed the expectations of our customers.

How Does It Work?

Our Company has made everything much easier for you including the order process. In ordering your paper, all you need is to go to the order page and then fill out the necessary information. That is followed by the payment process. Upon placing your order, we will then be choosing the best and most compatible writer from our roster to do the job. You can be updated with the status of your paper anytime you want and even send some messages to the appointed writers. Upon processing the order, you can easily view it in the order page and you will have the opportunity to review its content and how it was written. We are offering unlimited free revision subject to some conditions in case you are not satisfied with our work.

What Are The Information That You Will Need From Me When Processing My Order?

It is very important that you state the specifics about your paper. That would include the title, style, number of words, the style and others. We have an order form that you will need to fill out and most of the information that we need from you can be found in that form.

Are You Protecting My Personal Information?

All the personal information that you will provide us will be confidential. We will never share it to any third parties. Our company values your privacy so rest assured that everything will be in safe hands.

Who Will Write My Paper?

Your paper will be written by the professionals. They are not just professional or expert writers but are also expert in the topic that you need. For instance, if you need a paper about social science, we will only assign the work to one of our writers that is knowledgeable about it and not just to anybody.

Can My Paper Be Subjected To Plagiarism?

We always assure our customers that everything will be originally written. Our company has never engaged in plagiarism and our clients can attest to that. We are even using software to detect any possible plagiarism to assure our customers that it is impossible with us. Upon your request, you may even have a plagiarism report from us. In addition to that, we are not publishing your papers.

What Should I Do If I Have Some Specific Materials That I Want You To Use?

In case you have your preferred materials for your paper, please do inform us as you process the order. You will have the option to upload the said documents or you may also send it via email.

How Does The Payment Process Work?

Just like with most servicing companies, we will only begin to write your paper once you make your payment. Rest assured that everything about the financial information will be confidential. Once you made your payment, we will be sending you an order confirmation to let you know that we have received your payment. We have several modes of payment as we want everything to be very easy for our customers.

What Are The Subjects That You Are Writing?

We can work on any subjects that are being taught in colleges, universities and other institutions. Our company has employed several writers who in addition to their writing skills are also significantly knowledgeable about the topics or subject to be written. We are also using the most updated and always reliable sources to make sure that its contents are correct.

Where Will I Get My Completed Paper?

There is a dedicated location online where you can access the paper. It is a secured page which only the customers like you can go to. Our company is fully aware that some customers do not want anybody to know that they are our clients. With that in mind, the accessibility for such documents will be limited to the one that made the order.

When Will You Finish My Paper?

The deadline depends on what you have chosen while processing the order. In the order page, you will be asked about when you will need it. It must be kept in mind though that the timeframe that you are going to select is just for the initial version of the paper. If you are going to ask for some revisions, that may take longer. It should be considered as you process the order online.

How Do I Get Some Assistance When Needed?

We have a dedicated team to help you 24/7. Our Customer Service Department will be more than happy to help when you need it. We offer online chat support and toll-free phone number which are accessible anytime.

Are You Operating Legally?

The service that we offer is completely legitimate and legal. As stated above, we are never into plagiarized work. Our company will only provide you with originally written content. We know the consequences of operating this kind of business illegally so we do not want to engage in it.

What If My Budget Is Very Limited?

We know that most of our clients are attending colleges or universities. Our company knows how limited your budget might be and we totally understand. That is why we always make sure that the price that we offer is very competitive or even cheaper. Even if the price is lower compared to our competitors, the quality will always be at its best. We will never sacrifice the quality over the payment for our services. Our writers and those people that compose this company were also once in your shoes and we totally understand it.

How About The Revisions And The Money Back Guarantee?

We do offer unlimited revision subject to some conditions. If you are not satisfied in the final product, our company could also grant a refund.