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Availability of Service

As a company that always strive hard to always be online and attend to the needs of clients, if for some reasons the site became unavailable at anytime, we shall not be liable for it.

Without any prior notice, the site can be suspended anytime.

Any damages that arise from contract, tort or other usage or inability of site usage and other contained material in it, action or decision that can result from site usage shall also not be our liability.

Disclaimer of Links

Our site offers several links. Visitors can click and be directed to the other site. The content of the site linked from our site is beyond our control. Any received transmission obtained from the linked site shall not be our responsibility. Links are provided so as to bring as much visitors as possible. It does not indicate that we endorse the information or we have approved it.


We have a certain standard of level that we approve. The acceptable level is below 10%. If by any chance, it is higher, you can always demand for revision or even ask for refund.

Getting Refund and Revisions

Please be aware that we do not provide more than 3 free revisions. If at any chance, you are still not happy after the third revision, you will need to place another order of getting proofreading or editing service.

Once the quality assurance team already determines that the initial instruction is delivered, the request to get a refund will not be approved.

When you already clicked the “Approve” button after we submit the completed order, you shall no longer be entitled to request for a refund. For such instance, revision can be requested. The revision request is only allowed within 7 days after pressing the “Approve” button.

Referral Program

Submitting the Beneficiary Info is needed when you activate the Referral Program or at least 4 days before the payment period. It should be verified by one of our customer support team. If not, you are not likely to get the payment that you are expecting in the current month. Do not expect to receive more than 10% from a single order placed by the person that you referred.


You cannot expect to get more than 30% change from the content that you provide when you order a proofreading or editing service.

Do not also expect to rewrite a new content from what you have sent to us. Rewriting and proofreading is two different processes.